Kathy Ginn

Kathy has been active in the field of massage therapy and bodywork since 1991. She is the creator of Ethical Dimensions and co-creator of Life Empowered Institute. She is a body-centered Hakomi practitioner, Proctor-Gallagher Thinking into Results consultant, teacher and mentor.  Her continuing education focuses on Ethics as Right Use of Power along with courses in Inner Leadership. She is on faculty with East-West Healing Arts Institute.  Kathy has completed Ethics as Right Use of Power advanced teacher’s training facilitated by Cedar Barstow.  She is a member of the Right Use of Power teacher’s guild, a group of passionate educators committed to the often fragile and dynamic area of ethics education. Kathy served with the NCBTMB Ethics committee for 8 years, and currently serves with AFMTE membership committee.  She is a member of AMTA and is a regular contributor to MASSAGE Magazine.

She has had the privilege of studying with Bob Proctor who is widely regarded as one of the living masters and teachers in the area of human potential. Kathy is now offering a dynamic program on inner leadership to the massage therapy community.

Her courses are NCBTMB approved serving the community of massage therapists, body workers and massage therapy educators.

Kathy was drawn to the study and exploration of ethics early in her career. Somehow she knew that who she brought to the caring situation had the greatest impact on the therapeutic relationship. Through her continued journey of inner exploration and personal growth, her commitment and dedication is to support others on their journey. Her courses are experiential in nature, offering felt-sense learning. Her teaching offers navigational tools for dealing with the deep and often complex dynamics of both the therapeutic relationship and the teacher/student relationship. Kathy is an engaging, warm and passionate teacher, who brings a heightened level of understanding and responsibility to the topic of ethics, professional power and mindset.

 Kathy has attempted over the years to offer students a unique & meaningful approach to ethics education and professional development. Her passion is to witness the moment students awake to their own potential and magnificence - inside and outside the session room.  Kathy’s classes are dynamic, engaging, inspiring and life changing. She is forever grateful to have met Cedar Barstow and Bob Proctor who have widened her lenses on Power and Potential.

Kathy enjoys reading, writing, yoga, nature and solitude. She feels grateful for the simple pleasures of life.

May we continue to learn, grow and live in peace!

Kathy Ginn L.M. T. / Board Certified / NCBTMB Approved Provider