Essential AcuTouch For Common Complaints (16 CE hours)

is a practical use of acupressure and acupoints for many of the common complaints your clients and family experience. You will learn what acu-points are, how to find them, contraindications and what benefits acu-points can offer. Acupoints from head to toe! You will learn to incorporate acupoints into your practice that can help insomnia, back pain, headaches, sinuses, neck tension and more. There will be hands on time to explore the points individually, in combination and along with your favorite bodywork modality toward a complete acupressure release.  

Open to everyone. $360 or $320 (if paid two weeks prior to class)) + $25 materials fee paid directly to instructor.

Essential AcuTouch 3 hour segments  (3 CE Hours) and open to all!

In each short class you will learn a few potent acu points related to a particular condition that can be used for safe, practical and effective results. Each class includes hands on time to incorporate into your style of bodywork. AcuTouch guidelines, as well as, release examples are offered. These short 3 hour classes give you the  opportunity to give AcuTouch a try to see if it’s for you!

Open to everyone. Each class is $75 or $60 (if paid two weeks prior) + $5 materials fee paid directly to the instructor.                                  

  • Essential AcuTouch Facial                                    
  • Essential AcuTouch For a Good Night’s Sleep                                    
  • Essential AcuTouch For Back Ease                                  
  • Essential AcuTouch For Cold & Flu Prevention                                  
  • Essential AcuTouch For Happy Feet                                    
  • Essential AcuTouch For Headache Relief                                  
  • Essential AcuTouch For Memory                                    
  • Essential AcuTouch For Neck Ease                                  
  • Essential AcuTouch For Sinus Relief                                  
  • Essential AcuTouch For Shoulder Ease                                  
  • Essential AcuTouch To Relieve Your Digestive Complaints